Cafe 53 is Rosa’s organic coffee and juice bar. You can sample any one of our hand crafted smoothies, or try our innovative “Pick’n Press” station, where you fill a basket with produce that we will juice on demand.

Our coffee menu features all the classics plus cold brew and house kombucha on tap.

*Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or special considerations.



Espresso Drinks

Solo · Double shot · Americano · Cafe latte · Cappuccino · Mochaccino

Hot Beverages

Regular & decaf coffee Shot in the dark  · tea  · hot cocoa  · kiddo-ccino

On Tap

Cold brew coffee  ·  kombucha  · nitro brew coffee  · kocktail

Single shot espresso

small $2.25 large $3.25
northern Italian blend

double shot espresso

small $3.25 large $4.25

cold brew coffee

small $3.25 large $4.25
steeped cold, concentrate

Nitro Coffee

small $3.75 large $4.95
infused black coffee, creamy, silky and balanced

Juices & Smoothies

Gone Bananas – Nutrients

12 oz $6.99 20 oz $7.99
Homemade peanut butter, chocolate superfood, almond milk, local honey

Straw-nana – Strength

12 oz $6.99 20 oz $7.99
Greek yogurt, vanilla protein, almond milk, agave

Yellow MANgo – Balance

12 oz $6.99 20 oz $7.99
Coco water, spinach, mango, hemp seed, agave, strawberry

You’ve Got Kale

small $6.99 large $7.99
Kale, spinach, cuke, celery, green apple, orange, ginger

Root 53

small $6.99 large $7.99
beet, carrot,apple, lemon, ginger


small $6.99 large $7.99
Carrot, pineapple, orange, ginger

Fuel For Fire

small $6.99 large $7.99
Sweet potato, apple, ginger, cinnamon

Slim Verde

small $6.99 large $7.99
kale, spinach, celery, cuke, pineapple, ginger

Blood orange kombucha

small $4.00 large $5.00
blood orange, tumeric sunrise